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About us


We want to make sure that you are hiring a real estate sales professionals with the total commitment of selling your house at the best market price, in the smoothest and hassle free way for you.

Our success in this career depends and always has depended of the complete satisfaction of our clients.

How Sightoverseas will help you in the selling process of your property?....
Through a specific marketing plan which includes to advertise your property in:

  • Sightoverseas website
  • Massive mailing
  • Flyers and promotion cards
  • Internet property portals:Internet is more and more, the first way the people look for a house. A photographic report showing your house in the most seductive way will be put in several real estate websites.
  • Real estate agents network
  • Exhibitions in and out of Spain

The way the sales process works

Always, our first recommendation to every property owner, under the current market situation, is to wait three or four years to sell, in case you do not have the urgent need to do it.
But, if you need to sell, is better to do it now than 6 months or one year later, when prices will be lower.
You have to think very carefully and fast how much  are you going to ask for your property, because every day that pass and the property is not sold, its value decrease (See the graphic)

Once performed the marketing campaign at the starting price, using all the tools displayed before, is statistically demonstrated that the market response occurs between the next 6 or 8 weeks (See the graphic)

In case we do not get a satisfactory market response (number of enquiries, number of visits and number of offers), is necessary to modify the price and perform a second marketing campaign.
In case there are no results again, we need to modify the price as many times as we need, in order to get at least one visit per week. In that moment we have the property with the correct market value (See the graphic)

When this happens, in the current market conditions, we can get an offer in about 15 or 20 visits.

There is no other way to sell a property. You can wait good luck knocking  your door or you can deal with a professional real estate agent now!





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Tel: +34 952 76 54 50

Mob: +34 691 72 14 10

Resid. Palacio de Congresos 4

Marbella, Spain


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